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Improving the energy efficiency of your park homes saves you money and doesn’t have to cost a penny.​

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Save energy and money by improving the efficiency of your home. You can make small lifestyle changes that are free, spend a few pounds on slightly bigger changes or invest in a bigger improvement to your home - the choice is yours.​

We can arrange a visit from a qualified Domestic Energy Advisor who will visit your home, discuss the best ways to save money and reduce your energy usage, generate an Energy Performance Certificate and leave you with a pack of goodies that will save you energy and keep you safe and warm. They do not have products to sell and only provide advice. Call today to arrange your visit on 01647 24609. Some groups and areas qualify for free assessments.​

Little steps are free and easy and can make a big difference:


  • Read your bill and find out if you have the best deal.
  • Only fill your kettle with enough water for what you need.
  • Don’t leave anything on standby and switch things off when not in use.
  • Don’t leave the hot tap running when washing up, use a dishwasher or bowl.
  • Put on a jumper and some fluffy socks and turn the thermostat down by one degree but never below eighteen degrees and ideally leave at twenty one.
  • Only use the washing machine when you have a full load.
  • Keep your oven door & light clean so that you don’t need to keep opening the door.
  • Defrost your freezer regularly and pack out empty areas with newspaper.
  • Close up your curtains in the evening to keep your heat in.
  • Speed up your shower time.

Spend a few pounds to reduce your energy bills:


  • Put draught stripping around windows, doors and your letter box.
  • Change to energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Change to an efficient shower head.
  • Understand and update your heating controls.




Save energy and money

Invest in your home to make bigger changes:


  • External Wall Insulation keeps your heat in, so you can turn down your thermostat and run your heating less.
  • Under floor Insulation keeps the rising cold air out and your heat in the home.
  • Double Glazing and new doors.
  • Insulate your roof with care - never, ever let a cowboy spray insulation into your park home roof.
  • Install a new boiler or central heating system or controls.
  • Renewable technologies are possible for park homes too.

Community Warmth

£140 electric bill rebate for park home residents

​IMPORTANT NEWS FOR PARK HOME RESIDENTS. ADDITIONAL WARM HOME DISCOUNT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PARK HOME RESIDENTS Last winter Charis Grants administered a government backed pilot scheme which gave park home residents the chance to apply for a £140 rebate for their electricity bill, even if your electricity is supplied by your site owner. More than 1600 park home residents received rebates last year. The scheme is now open again for applications, including those people who received an award from the pilot scheme earlier in the year.  The Park Homes Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme is open to permanent park home residents in England, Scotland or Wales. If successful, you will receive a one-off rebate of £140 towards your electricity bill. Applications can be made online here or by calling 03303 80 10 40 where a dedicated agent will help you complete your application via telephone. The Charis team can also help answer any questions you may have regarding the scheme. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays) and calls are charged at standard local rates.  In order to complete a registration we will need details of all the benefits you receive and their amounts, as well as any other household income. Please have this information to hand when you call. Also ensure you have your national insurance number, as this is asked for as part of the application process. The scheme is being funded by energy suppliers and is administered by Charis Grants Limited. You can even apply for the Park Homes WHD rebate if you are resident on a Park Home site and pay for your electricity through your park site owner.  To qualify for the Warm Home Discount rebate, you as the Park Home resident (or your partner) must pay, or be exempt from council tax for a UK Park Home and also meet one of the following criteria:  In receipt of the Savings or Guarantee & Savings element of the State Pension Credit (unless already qualifying as part of Core Group)  ORIn receipt of one of the following means tested eligible benefits: Income SupportIncome based Jobseekers' AllowanceIncome related Employment and Support Allowance (which includes a work related activity or support component)Universal Credit (low income elements)And includes one of the following: Child element for children aged 5 or underDisabled child elementDisability or pensioner premiums ORThe gross annual household income is less than £16,190 and the account holder is living with mental or physical disability or illness, or there is vulnerability within the home (children living in the house aged 5 or under) or of pensionable age, or receiving disability benefits. ORThe gross annual household income is less than £16,190 and spend 10% or more of gross annual household income on energy bills to heat your home.  

Vulnerable Customer Support Category

Proud sponsors of the Vulnerable Customer Support Category​

Community Warmth are the proud sponsors of the Vulnerable Customer Support Category at the Welsh Energy Efficiency and Healthy Homes Awards on the 15th February 2017. We wish all nominees in this important category the best of luck.​

Vulnerable Customer Support

Vulnerable Customer Support​

Half of UK electricity comes from low-carbon sources for first time ever, claims the Independent.Britain reaches green turning point as electricity was completely coal-free for nearly six days over the last quarter. More than half of the UK’s electricity has come from low-carbon sources for the first time, a new study has found.The research from energy company Drax, which operates a biomass power station, found electricity from low-emission sources had peaked at 50.2 per cent between July and September.It comes after the Government announced plans that would see Britain's coal-fired power stations probably close by 2025. Click here for full article​



We audit EVERY installation in our projects and look at quality of work, adherence to scope and customer service as standard and provide detailed monitoring reports to our partners. We are also able to provide energy improvement statistics and other bespoke reports for your project.

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