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Rogue Traders​

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Rogue Traders have defrauded home owners out of millions of pounds making their lives a misery and causing untold damage to both properties and health.​

  1. Never buy from doorstep salesmen (a professional company would never do this).
  2. Always ask for ID even if an appointment has been made. A reputable company won’t mind.
  3. Never fall for a sales ploy (typically, a percentage off if you sign that day, a discount, offer or the suggestion that work needs to be done urgently like a moisture thermometer pushed into your drip rail and pretending that the reading  indicates your home is coming to harm).
  4. Always get more than one quote (ideally three or more).
  5. Always request a quotation be posted to you detailing the works you have requested and the materials to be used. Read through it thoroughly, ask questions.
  6. Never sign a contract with a sales rep in your home.
  7. Request a company’s terms and conditions before you sign any contract.
  8. Never pay a deposit when someone visits you in your home.
  9. Ask what trade organisations they are registered with, ask for details and call the organisation to check.
  10. Ask for references of works a company has done close by and if you can visit and speak with the home owner. Reputable companies and happy customers are proud of work done and like to show it off.
  11. Never be afraid to ask someone to leave your home if you feel you are being put under pressure(a polite way is to tell them you need to speak with your family before making any decision).
  12. Ask for a quote to list exactly what work is being done.

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Feeling Lonely at christmas

 Christmas can be a difficult or even lonely time for many of us. Statistics released by Age UK show that half a million older people in the UK expect to feel lonely this Christmas. Not all of us have a family to spend time with and some us just cant face a "big family Christmas" but still feel lonely or down. Try a simple step and look online for people who may be feeling exactly how you feel or understand what you are going through. If you feel lonely, or just need someone to talk to, here are some places to start. Whether you just have a look round or join a conversation is up to you.   www.contact-the-elderly.org.uk/news/contact-the-elderly-in-december  Join their Be Our Guest campaign.  www.campaigntoendloneliness.org/feeling-lonely offers advice on what to do if you feel lonely. www.elefriends.org.uk is an online community where you can be yourself, share and be heard.  www.samaritans.org are always available to talk 24/7 about whatever is on your mind. Call 116123 or email jo@samaritans.org  However you are spending Christmas this year, everyone at Community Warmth wishes you a happy and peaceful time.

Heatwave Advice

Stay cool and hydrated in this hot weather. Government advice is to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm.  Drink more water than you usually do. Take a cool shower or bath if you are over heated. Cool your home at night by opening windows and doors if it is safe to do so in your area.  Keep curtains closed and blinds down during the day. To find out more from Public Health England download their useful guide here.​


We were absolutely delighted to be recognised at the Energy Efficiency Awards and took home Special Commendation Awards for Social Responsibility Company of the Year and Fuel Poverty & Vulnerable Support Campaigner of the Year.A huge thank you to all who voted for us and congratulations to the other winners. 



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